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Certified Professionally

Not only do we have the experience and knowledge to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you, but we also have the training and certification to bring that credibility and assurance to the overall experience with us.

Source any Gem

Although we can get gems anywhere, we have a preferred list that provides us with the best quality gems. In addition, we are a member of the AGTA (American Gem Trade Association).


Jewelleries can come from many places but as a Canadian company, our products are specifically and authentically Canadian Sourced.

10 Years in Calgary

We have been providing our services and products in Calgary for 10 years, which allowed us to improve significantly throughout the past and have more experience in order to meet and exceed your expectations.


Only 1 of 3 Canadian is able to have this skill but we take pride in being able to utilize this technique.


We offer guaranteed all natural and long lasting bright white gold that is highly resistant to corrosion and is high in durability.


Although we implore you to come to us with your creative ideas and inspiration for designing you perfect piece of jewellery. We as a professional jewellery company know and have the experience of what can be achieved. Just because you see this inspiration online doesn’t mean that it will be practical in application. We will Always advise you of your best options as we are about creating jewellery pieces that endure for generations.

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Premier Gems, a custom design jewelry store, opened in Calgary in 2005, the realization of owner Jeff Nechka’s passionate world wide pursuit of gemology and design. Jeff’s mastery of the art of gem and diamond cutting and established international connections in the best markets allow him to exceed client expectations. Jeff is also among a small number of Canadian members belonging to the American Gem Trade Association and the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association. These organizations are the governing bodies for the industry laying out best practice principles, ethical standards, and making each member accountable to their strict guidelines. Membership with these associations ensures consumer confidence.

Premier Gems is now an unique jewelry retail business recently relocated in 2014 to the thriving arts and entertainment district of 17th Avenue (Lower Mount Royal) in Calgary. Their expanded team of three designers draw inspiration from the view of the city and the avenue below working with clients to realize the jewelry of their dreams. Their combined experiences and portfolios speak for themselves and they are constantly striving to exercise their design skills in new and challenging ways.

The future of Premier Gems is as bright and sparkling as the stones they work with.

  • Jeff Nechka

  • Liz Kranyak

  • Erin Crossman

Credentials & Background:

My passion for this field started from a lifelong fascination with rocks, minerals, and fine art. My expertise then evolved to coloured gems as I began using my design talents to create custom jewellery.

I became fascinated with rocks and gems at an early age. I remember digging in my back alley to find the most unusual shaped stones and collecting various specimens from road trips. These became special mementoes of my travels. The hobby evolved as I began tumbling the rocks into smooth shiny gems. It was a four-week process, which at the time seemed like an eternity that culminated in a tense yet exciting moment as the results of my weeks of waiting were revealed and I saw what my rocks had become.

I spent almost two years in university studying sciences before choosing to pursue my passion of product design through a new faculty being offered at the Alberta College of Art and Design. I had just received the acceptance notice from ACAD when a jewelry manufacturer in Central America contacted me with an offer of internship. I would be designing jewelry and educating clients on diamonds and other gems. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and one that would launch my career. The choice was simple. I packed my bags to head south.

Following the internship, I was more convinced than ever that I was destined to pursue a career in the jewellery industry and upon my return I enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America Headquarters to complete the skills necessary to master diamond identification and grading. A few months after the course I was off to Bangkok, Thailand to study coloured gems, their treatments, and how to discern between investment-quality and mass-produced gems and obtain the coveted Graduate Gemologist degree.

Next, I spent time in South East Asia, Southern, West, and East Africa, and Australia buying gems with a German gem merchant before settling back in Calgary to learn the ropes of operating a retail business and finally opening Premier Gems in 2005.

Today I am a certified GIA Gemologist and gemologist appraiser and one of but a handful of Canadian members belonging to the American Gem Trade Association and the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association. These organizations are the governing bodies for the industry laying out best practice principles, ethical standards, and making each member accountable to their strict guidelines.

I have come a long way from my humble beginnings hunting through gravel behind my house for that rare hidden treasure. Looking at a rough gem, I always feel a sense of excitement as I try to determine the gem’s personality through its outer form. I fashion gems by listening to my heart to avoid over-thinking while cutting, which can result in frustrating mistakes and heartache.

Credentials & Background:

  • Art Fundamentals (Certificate, Haliburton School of Art)
  • Jewellery Arts (Certificate Haliburton School of Art)
  • Jewellery and Metals (Certificate, Georgian College)
  • Goldsmithing and Silversmithing (Certificate, Georgian College)

Growing up in the Niagara Region of Ontario, I have found plenty of inspiration with its rich history and deep connection to nature. I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil, and my household has always been in a mechanical background. I found jewellery to be the perfect marriage of the technical and the creative. I discovered jewellery creation in art school, fell in love with it, and never looked back.

Credentials & Background:

  • Education: BFA Jewelry and Metals 2008 ACAD

I am a native Calgarian known for my wild imagination and creative spirit. I developed an interest in the arts at a very young age and have passionately been pursuing the development of my skills ever since. I enjoy drawing, sketching and forging my way through life. I attended Lord Beaverbrook High School where I excelled in the Advanced Placement Arts Program. In my final year, I had the opportunity to visit Europe and see up close the works of art that had inspired me throughout the years: Michelangelo, Edvard Munch, and Leonardo Da Vinci are among the top few. I then went on to attend the Alberta College of Art and Design where I graduated in 2008 from the Jewelry & Metals Program. After graduation, I accepted a position at Birks in the service and repairs department and went on to become the service manager for the later portion of my stay with the company.

I am very excited to have joined the Premier Gems team and I look forward to helping make your jewelry desires a reality.

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Freeze the Moment- The Perfect Winter Proposal
January 9, 2017

It’s winter! A season that reminds you of the beautiful white snow, the colourful Christmas lights, and the warm hot chocolate by the fireplace where you are surrounded by loving friends and family. From December until the beginning of January, everyone is celebrating the holidays. It is a time to schedule visits to families, budget and shop for gifts, attend various Christmas and New years events, and you probably also think that is it the best time to ask the one that you love to finally marry you… but with everything happening all at once, when is the perfect time to propose?

Imagine Christmas day with your friends, family and the person you love. Everyone is gathered around the table or the fireplace having nice chats and you thought it was just the perfect moment. So you call everyone’s attention, get down on one knee and pop the question “Will you marry me?” Let’s say that the person you love decides to say” yes”, then everyone around you congratulates you and the room is filled with joy and mixed emotions from everyone but right after, it’s back to the Christmas party, the gift exchanges, and the eating. Then the next day, you both are off to another holiday event with other friends and family. You suddenly realize that the supposedly romantic moment with you and your partner has been drowned out, as if it wasn’t really a big moment.

Your partner longs for a proposal that will resonate, so why not make it intimate? You may just want to hold off and propose in late January through March when life gets back to normal and those who proposed over the holidays have had the moment to shine.

The winter months are great time to get engaged- a crisp winter day or night, the sun or moon twinkling off of the snow and your best friend close by to keep you warm. The only thing missing is a stunning custom engagement ring that shines brighter than the stars and ice crystals in the air and forever casting a glow to melt her heart. Staying local or escaping to a lodge in the country or mountains doesn’t have to break the bank and will be an everlasting story for years to come.

Designing an engagement ring in the winter is a great option. The jewellery industry is calmer at this time of year and you can take the time to work with your designer to create the perfect ring. Production times are also quicker as the holiday rush is over and engagement ring designers and goldsmiths are excited to bet back into the swing of things. If you are interested to create that custom ring, premier Gems would love to help you create the perfect ring just for the one you love- just click the link to easily book an appointment with us: https://my.setmore.com/bookingpage/85d5d254-0768-44d6-974a-a75a5589955d




Real is Rare
December 13, 2016

With technological advancement, one now has a choice between a natural diamond and a lab-grown synthetic diamond.  Although all the physical, chemical, and optical properties are identical, there is a difference between what a natural diamond and a synthetic diamond symbolize. Living in a world of constant flux, where people have seemingly limitless choices and where human interaction is becoming more superficial, we often long for authenticity. The idea that natural diamonds have the power to celebrate and mark an authentic connection is what resonates with clients. Diamond companies have stepped up their game by making the traceability from mine to market transparent. Lab-grown diamonds are an artificial product and with increased production, innovation, and competition, they will have no real value. You entered the relationship with your partner vowing to be their source of safety and security, and although both types of diamonds will endure, only one has genuine meaning and will act as a symbol of that promise.

Perfecting your custom wedding band (Part 3)
November 23, 2016

Men’s wedding bands don’t have to be generic

Attention to all the newly engaged men out there. Your wedding band doesn’t need to be ‘off the shelf’ or look like a pipe. With men’s fashion now at the forefront, the ability to create a wedding band that reflects your personal style and is customized just the way you want has become a viable option. It is perfectly acceptable to not match your fiancé’s wedding band; everyone has their own tastes, and a wedding band provides an opportunity to express yourself and create exactly what you’ve always desired. Whether it is stone or wood inlays, contemporary or traditional metals, or mokume gane, Premier Gems has both the expertise and creative approach that will allow you and your ideas to shine.

Designing outside the box store
November 9, 2016

Congratulations! You’re thinking of popping the big question and you’ve probably been doing some probing in order to find out what styles your future fiancé might like. You may have even checked out some box stores in hopes of finding the perfect engagement ring. After checking out many retailers, you may begin to notice that the ring settings are starting to look alike, and that there isn’t any one of a kind jewelry that captures your attention and fits with your vision for the ring. You may have also been told by these retailers that what you want is unavailable, impossible to source, or that going with a custom ring will be over your planned budget.

Choosing the custom route is a great way to get exactly what you want. Designer boutiques can provide you with all possible choices by offering designers and goldsmiths that will work with you to create the perfect ring you have envisioned. If there is a certified gemologist on staff, he or she can provide you with all of the necessary information about diamond and gemstone quality, attributes, and provenance. As well, if the gemologist is a member of a trade organization, he or she can source the perfect gem or diamond from anywhere. Working with a certified team of experts allows the engagement ring to be designed and created within your budget. Since the craft is done locally, the workmanship is likely to be finer compared to overseas manufacturing. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a piece of jewelry that expresses your love in a way that a ring in a showcase never could.

Perfecting your custom wedding band (Part 2)
October 25, 2016

Creating the perfect matching band to your engagement ring.

When it comes to custom wedding bands, your imagination is the limit. However, ideas on paper and what is practical and aesthetically pleasing in reality can often clash. Here are some easy to follow tips to help in the design process.
Match your stone shape.
Does your engagement ring have a traditional flare compassing diamonds or gems with soft curves like rounds, ovals, or cushion shapes; or is your engagement ring modern and bold set with diamonds and gems with hard angles and lines like emerald, asscher, or Princess cut stones? You’ll want to consider continuing the same shapes of gems into the wedding band to make the two rings flow harmoniously together.

Use the same quality of metal.
Using the same quality of metal ( i.e 14K with 14K) becomes especially important if you choose not to soldered your engagement and wedding ring together. Differences in purity between the different karats of gold and mixing gold with platinum, silver, or palladium can cause the metal to wear at different rates. Lower karat gold rings rubbing next to higher karat rings will cause indentation marks overtime and may require costly repairs in future years.
Seamless design with your engagement ring.

A custom fitted band ensures you are getting a perfectly fitted and tailored band with no gaps between it and your engagement ring. The fear of a gap is often why couples choose a wedding band and fits seamlessly to the engagement ring. If you are choosing a band with diamond, to match the diamonds in your engagement ring, the diamonds in both rings will start and end and the same place, something that is hard to find shopping out of a case.

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From ammolite to zircon

Jeff Nechka, a gemologist at Premier Gems, discusses the tools of his trade—and gives a few tips on finding high-quality gems.

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CJ December 2015/January 2016

The Perfect Proposal


I thought I would share my own little bit of love with you today.
I got engaged in October last year and was hands down the best day of my life.
Just minding my own business at work when I get called upstairs to help out with something. When I get to the top of the stairs I’m greeted by my two good friends Christy from Christy D Swanberg Photography and Ixchel from Parfait Productions. Both with cameras in hand….

Carving The New Landscape

In a competitive work environment, extrinsic rewards such as fringe benefits, promotion, bonuses, commissions, or conditions of work no longer entice employees to increase their levels of performance. However, intrinsic rewards, which are more personal and directly tied to a completion of a task or attainment of a specific goal, have proven to motivate employee performance, improve retention, and are often much more affordable for organizations to provide to deserving employees.

Premier Gems of Calgary has worked with a list of clients who have come to realize that attitudes, cognitive styles, and perceptions of value can and do influence employees’ innovative performances. Understanding the beneficial correlation between employee rewards and performance has branded them as experts in the realm of elite reward solutions…

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