Ring and band textures offer a great way to personalize a traditional jewellery piece in a subtle and subdued way. Long gone are the retro days when Florentine, a cross hatch design, texture was applied to all things yellow gold (Images to follow). Today, with advancements in jeweller’s tools, it seems new textures are being created and experimented with every day.  Let’s look at a few of the most popular ones:


  1. Brushed finished.  Popular in men’s bands, the deep often horizontal file lines give the band surface dimension and help to hide every day wear, including forgetting to take jewellery off while preforming sports or exercise. Combining this texture with high polished surfaces is a great way to create contrast for a sleek contemporary look.  Depending on the fineness of the file, this texture can be very deep or very fine resulting in a soft satin look.
  2. Hammer (Dappled) Textured.  Popular for a handmade artisan look and works well with hand forged bangles and bands. An uneven, undulating surface that varies greatly depending on the diameter of the ball point.  When left high polished, it hides daily wear very well but when blasted with sand or beads, it gives a very modern contemporary look, especially when combined with pearls in pendants and earrings.
  3. Blasted.  Often with sand or glass beads, the blasted texture pits the entire surface resulting in a very matte, clean, and modern look.  Works well to contrast the bright sparkle of diamonds, but when it scratches, the scratch left is high polished.  The texture can be reapplied, but it will drive the A type personality crazy.  
  4. Ice.  Imagine a skating rink at the end of the skate day in winter months or an older kitchen sink. Random swirls of scratches applied over the entire surface. Contemporary, clean, and subtle that on first glance you won’t even recognize it.  If you’re not ready to commit to a texture, this is a great option. Not overwhelming and easy to remove if you get bored of it.

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