There’s nothing like being given a ring passed down from a loved one. It’s the kind of gift packed with undeniable sentimental value. It’s difficult to refuse, and it may be just as difficult to wear. As time passes on, so do jewellery styles. Your personal preferences needn’t be ignored when you want to wear a ring with history. A piece of family jewellery can be made new again, using the same materials without losing any of its memories. It’s called a Restyle & Redesign.

Restyling and redesigning a ring offers the most value for worn and dated pieces because you get to repurpose existing diamonds and gemstones instead of investing in new ones. The existing precious metal can also be refined and reused or credited toward your new design.

This service isn’t just for rings that have been retired from someone else’s hands. Often, a couple’s engagement and wedding rings are upgraded on milestone anniversaries and the original rings end up sitting in a jewellery box. Jewellery shines best when it’s worn and admired, not hidden away. Restyling is an option to add these rings back into your jewellery collection without sacrificing your taste today. Popular revitalizations see these pieces transformed into stunning sets of stacking rings, bold right hand rings, or, for something different, a cherished pendant.

Celebrate those years of love and keep the memories with a newly redesigned wedding or engagement ring. If you’re interested in how restyling works, please book an appointment with us: click here . We would love to show you how we could recreate your ring into something to cherish once again.