Are your wedding rings worn out after decades of tender love and wear?

A ring worn daily dulls with time, though you may not notice it until your mind wanders back to the day you said, “I do.” When you and your partner recited your vows, placed the rings on each other’s fingers, and began your married life. Your rings may remind you of that day, and of the years since. So, no matter how tarnished they’ve become, would you really want to replace them?

Do you remember when you started wearing your wedding ring? It shone—almost as brightly as your smile as a newlywed—and you were thrilled to show it off. After many years of wearing it, it may feel more like a regular piece of jewellery. The shine is gone, it isn’t as eye-catching as it was and you wish it reflected your sustaining love. Even so, would you really want to give it up for something brand new?

It would be impossible to replace a ring with so much personal history. Redesigning or restyling your original wedding rings is a thoughtful way to preserve those memories and sentiment using the same materials you first wore on your wedding day.

The best part about redesigning is not only are you able to repurpose your ring, but you can update it to the style you want today. If you’re interested in learning more about restyling your wedding rings or an engagement ring, please book an appointment with us: Click Here . We would be happy to create the perfect restyled custom rings for you and your spouse.