Many gems are hard and tough, but not indestructible (including diamond).  Years of enjoyment can cause scratches, abrasions, and even chips. Environmental dust will slowly round out and abrade facts. Storing jewellery in a pile and accidental knocks can cause scratches and chips.

In an era where everything is disposable, your damaged gems and diamonds still hold value. They can be re-fashioned and polished to bring them back to life, often with little weight loss. The end result is a beautifully sparkling and glowing gem that often looks better than the day you first received it. 

You might be asking, “Are my gems being sent overseas? Will I get the same gem back? How long does the process take?”

At Premier Gems, your gems stay local. Jeff has been fashioning gems for over 10 years and services several regional companies for their gem fashioning needs. You’ll be able to talk with the person doing the work to discuss the best desired outcome and have all your questions addressed as well as have a quote on the cost.  The process takes 2 weeks per gemstone, that way your gem receives the time and attention it needs.

Re-fashioning your gems is an astute way to bring your bling back to life.