Due to a surge in popularity from celebrities rocking emeralds,  in their stylish jewellery  we thought it would be appropriate to give you 3 simple tips on how to take care of your emeralds

1.  Where not to wear it

  • gardening
  • sports
  • gym
  • beach
  • doing hard labor or lifting heavy objects
  • cleaning

Why: Emeralds are a 7.5 on the harness scale, while that is tough it isn’t durable due to emeralds having inclusions that make them fragile. They are prone to scratching and breaking from any hard force coming in contact with dirt or sand, or chemicals.

2. keep it clean

  • soft gentle soap,: dawn, ivory,  any dish-soap without lotion or abrasives
  • lukewarm water, not too hot or cold (emeralds are sensitive to temperature changes)
  • soft cloth or brush (soft bristled toothbrush works)

Why: Emeralds can react to harsh abrasives and chemicals, so if you need to clean it, these tips are best.  This will prevent scratching or etching on your emerald and leave it sparkling like the first day you received it. 

3.  Get a checkup: See your jeweller for regular maintenance

  • every 6 months
  • Check claws holding the emerald to ensure you don’t lose it
  • check to see if any chips have occurred that may need to be addressed
  • your best defense against losing any stone is getting it checked before it happens

Why:  Claws holding stones wear down over time, especially through everyday wear. Your jeweller can look at them and anticipate when it’s  time to have them re-tipped and tightened so you never lose your stone

If you need an emerald cleaned, have your claws checked, we offer complimentary cleaning and checking services. We also can do any necessary repairs, or even can help you find the emerald you’ve always wanted.

Contact us today to set up your appointment.

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