Congratulations! You’re thinking of popping the big question and you’ve probably been doing some probing in order to find out what styles your future fiancé might like. You may have even checked out some box stores in hopes of finding the perfect engagement ring. After checking out many retailers, you may begin to notice that the ring settings are starting to look alike, and that there isn’t any one of a kind jewelry that captures your attention and fits with your vision for the ring. You may have also been told by these retailers that what you want is unavailable, impossible to source, or that going with a custom ring will be over your planned budget.

Choosing the custom route is a great way to get exactly what you want. Designer boutiques can provide you with all possible choices by offering designers and goldsmiths that will work with you to create the perfect ring you have envisioned. If there is a certified gemologist on staff, he or she can provide you with all of the necessary information about diamond and gemstone quality, attributes, and provenance. As well, if the gemologist is a member of a trade organization, he or she can source the perfect gem or diamond from anywhere. Working with a certified team of experts allows the engagement ring to be designed and created within your budget. Since the craft is done locally, the workmanship is likely to be finer compared to overseas manufacturing. Ultimately, you’ll end up with a piece of jewelry that expresses your love in a way that a ring in a showcase never could.