Diamond: 10
Moissanite: 9.25

Like a diamond, a moissanite is tough and durable to handle everyday wear and tear.  It’s a great placeholder for the center stone of an engagement ring, or accent stones to accompany a custom piece of jewellery.


Diamond 1 carat round: starts at $8,000
*varies on market fluctuations and grade

Moissanite Cost for 1ct sized: $1,000.00
*varies between brilliant, forever brilliant and forever one colours

Moissanite can be a great cost-effective placeholder for people who want the size and brilliance of a larger diamond, but not the budget. This can also be a great way to replace a lost or missing diamond at a fraction of the cost. Or  to keep something in place to get the diamond you’re dreaming of in the future.


Diamond: mined from natural material

Moissanite: Created in a labratory

For some, having something mined from the earth would be an important factor. For others, knowing that their piece was created using the latest technology might be something that is appealing. It’s all comes down to a matter of preference.    


Diamond: Ranges from D (colourless) to Z (yellowish brown) or fancy colours

Moissanite available in : Forever one (our preferred brand)   D-F
                                            forever brilliant GHI colour
  forever classic    J-K (light yellow)

Diamonds come in various colours and tones unique to only a diamond and those subtleties are what makes them rare and interesting. All shades and colours are a matter of preference.
Moissanite used to only come in the forever classic colours which was a huge drawback to them.  Now, with new technology, the forever one and Forever Classic colours have become comparable to  D-E-F coloured diamonds.                                           

In Conclusion

Choosing which one is best is completely up to who is wearing it. Be sure to discuss what is most important to the wearer and what characteristics are  most important to you.  Moissanite is a great option if you are looking for an alternative to a diamond, or want a placeholder in lieu of the diamond you’re dreaming of in the future.

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