Deep green, lush, suggesting a far-off place with rolling hills and fields of grass, there are many reasons people love emeralds, and they have for centuries.  I’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity in emeralds lately,  so I thought I’d share a few interesting points about this gorgeous green stone;
It’s the birthstone for May, so many of you May babies probably have one or two emerald pieces already. Best rule of thumb for care of your emerald jewellery is a saying my mentor at the watch repair department used to say “no golf, gardening or tennis” and although not many people do all of those things, it’s these simple guidelines for care of soft stones like emerald .Avoid hard work, don’t get it dirty, take it off while you’re doing something active.  
If you are shopping for your loved one who has a love for this gemstone, its best to get a feel for their personal taste.  Emeralds come in a range of green tones and varying opacity: the ones you see in commercial stores tend to have kind of a milky green look. While many people may love that colour, the most desirable colour according to gemologists in an emerald is a deep clear green with a slight hint of blue.  A little bit of research when looking for a gift for someone can go a long way to making it a cherished keepsake.  
 One thing that a natural gemstone has over any synthetic out there is having a way of telling its story though inclusions. We used to call them “flaws” but that can’t be further from the truth.Inclusions in a gemstone can add to the natural beauty, guarantee authenticity, and be easy to identify though having “birthmarks”. All emeralds have inclusions of some kind, it’s part of what makes them beautiful. It’s so widely known for them to have inclusions that we have named the pattern of inclusions in an emerald the “Jardinière” or the garden of the stone.
Emerald has been cherished by people for centuries; it is said that it was the favorite gemstone of Cleopatra, and evidence of emerald mines have been found in archaeological sites in Egypt.Elizabeth Taylor was seen many times wearing her emerald set from Richard Burton, continuing“Cleo’s” love for emeralds. They are currently on display at Christie’s. 
 With this renewed love for emerald, it will definitely be a favorite for years to come. Here are some great sources for everything emerald;