Most women have a box or drawer full of jewellery they don’t wear. Styles change, tastes change, but previous jewellery pieces don’t change. Perhaps it’s an heirloom diamond ring passed down generation to generation, loved and cherished, but it is in disrepair or you prefer simplistic and bold jewellery which that Edwardian period ring is not.

It could also be the hue of the precious metal, maybe you enjoy rose or white hued precious metals and your engagement ring from earlier times is in yellow gold.

Most don’t give it much thought and un-adored jewellery collects dust in a drawer or at the bottom of the jewellery box. It becomes forgotten or passed down to end in further neglect.

Jewellery is meant to be worn, adored, cherished, and treasured! It commemorates the happiest and proudest moments and for these reasons it should not be abandoned.

Various options exist to fall back in love with your jewellery. Consider re-purposing and redesigning it into a piece that suits who you are now but is still a shining reminder of what it represents.

Gemstones and Diamonds contribute significantly to the overall value of the jewellery piece and the cost to redesign a setting is a fraction when compared to starting from scratch. A grandmother’s pearl ring or necklace can be designed into a piece that represents you while still keeping memories alive. The original diamond from your engagement ring still represents safety and security, but maybe it becomes the accent in a milestone anniversary or birthday piece.  If the jewellery piece does not contain gems or diamonds, the gold can be melted and forged into bands, pendants, or bangles, or can be refined back into 24 karat and then alloyed to the karat and colour of your choice while still containing the base of the original piece.

Helping people fall back in love with their jewellery is one of our passions. Our talented team of designers will work with you to give new life to your old jewellery while preserving the memories by reusing the gold and gems to fashion a beautiful creation that means something to you today.

We recently had the pleasure of helping someone do just this. About 4 years ago, John and his wife Jody came to us. She was celebrating a milestone birthday and he wanted to gift her with an updated wedding ring, one that contained a larger rock to demonstrate his ongoing commitment.  Jody’s original wedding rings still had great sentimental value and were a reminder of young love but were then left sitting in her jewellery box for several years. This past November, in celebration of their anniversary, Jody brought her original set back in and requested if we could restyle it into something bold and fun that showcased her original diamond. We incorporated the gold from her original bands and gave her original diamond a beautiful new setting.

Do you have an old piece of jewellery that needs to be let out of its box and given a new life? Book an appointment with one of our Designers today and let us walk you through the possibilities to help you fall back in love with your jewellery.