Proposing marriage is nerve-wracking. One on hand, it’s just a question you’re asking your best friend. On the other hand, it’s a question that will open a whole new chapter of your life. That means it’s high stakes.

Despite months or years of happiness as a couple already, there may be a part of you wondering “what if?” “What if the answer isn’t an immediate, ‘yes’?” “What if something goes wrong when I’m about to ask?”

There are plenty of things you can do to feel more in control of the proposal experience, and ensure it is just right for you and your partner.


Talk about being married

It’s not super romantic to have a frank and open discussion about your views of marriage, weddings and the future. We get that. There’s simply no better way to know how your partner will respond to the big question than talking about it in advance. It’s not the proposal itself that will ensure your happy future together, it’s communicating, nurturing a strong relationship, and knowing one another intimately.

Here are some basic questions to consider together:

  • Do you want to get married someday?
  • What makes a good marriage?
  • What is your ideal wedding like? Large or intimate? Close to home or far away?


Involve family and friends

Your partner is part of a community, and you might find it helpful to get them involved in planning or even executing your proposal. Getting help from your partner’s friends or close family to plan the proposal shows you went out of your way and reflects that you value the other people in your partner’s life.

Traditionally, men sought a father’s permission before proposing to a woman, but plenty of new traditions have come along since then. Perhaps your partner is someone who would want their parents to be involved in the proposal, or maybe there is a best friend, another family member, or a child from a previous relationship who would fill that role. Or maybe it’s best kept between the two of you before anyone else joins in to celebrate. You know your partner best, so consider it when you plan your proposal.


Choose the right ambiance

Will you propose somewhere public or in an intimate setting? You want to choose an atmosphere to make your partner comfortable and celebrate them while avoiding distractions and unpredictability.

A romantic and intimate setting might be over a special dinner in your own home, in a private outdoor setting with shared meaning for the two of you, or simply in a stolen moment away from the hubbub of day-to-day life.

If your partner is more likely to be wooed with a grand, romantic gesture fit for the big screen, take the time to plan it out. Just like any big project, it’s worth the effort you put in to make it just right.

Whichever direction you go, aim to show your partner that you understand them, love them and are committed to a lifetime of celebrating these kind of special moments together.


Find or design the engagement ring

Getting the perfect ring for your partner is a significant task all on its own. You’re searching for the ring that will light up their face and say, “Yes!” before they get the words out.

If you haven’t talked about jewelry with your partner before, selecting a ring can be a real challenge. Pay attention to the jewelry, clothing and art he or she already owns for inspiration, and again, turn to close friends to keep you on the right track. Some people have pictured the perfect engagement ring for years; others have never even thought about it.

By considering your partner’s personality and style, you can narrow down the choice of ring style to Classic, Antique/Vintage , or Modern

If you, your family or your partner’s family have an heirloom piece to pass on, you might also consider Restyling or Redesigning it according to your partner’s taste.

If you need help creating the perfect ring, contact us. We would love to be part of making your proposal moment magical.