Choosing the perfect engagement ring for the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with can feel intimidating. There are nearly infinite designs and combinations of precious metals and gems to choose from. To simplify the process, it can be helpful to narrow down your partner’s tastes and style into one of three main categories: Classic, Antique/Vintage or Modern.

Those drawn to Classic engagement rings may have a more traditional taste when it comes to jewelry. Think: a bold, sparkling statement diamond on a smooth, simple band. It’s the ring we picture of when someone mentions they’re getting engaged. When you see a Classic ring on someone’s hand, it shouts “engaged!” even before you notice which finger it lives on.

The simplicity of a Classic ring makes it timeless. The diamond speaks for itself with little to no additional adornment. This emphasis on the diamond’s brilliance, rather than an ornate design, makes Classic rings popular choices amongst celebrities, or any time a bigger diamond is better. It’s the kind of ring that makes people wonder, “How big is that rock?”

Classic rings most often feature a Round- or Princess-cut diamond. These cuts, the most popular shapes for diamonds in general, have impeccable brilliance and brightness. And when you want to dazzle your beloved, sparkle is essential.

This category of engagement rings is called the Classic for a reason. Its timeless beauty and simplicity speaks for itself. The traditional design, like a love-filled relationship, continues to stand the test of time. Feel free to browse some of our Classic rings for more inspiration.

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