Choosing the perfect engagement ring for the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with can feel intimidating. There are nearly infinite designs and combinations of precious metals and gems to choose from. To simplify the process, it can be helpful to narrow down your partner’s tastes and style into one of three main categories: Classic, Antique/Vintage or Modern.

Those drawn to an Antique/Vintage ring designed to evoke the styles of a bygone era, may have a sentimental feeling about jewelry and are attracted to more-intricate styles compared to the the smooth lines of a Classic ring. An Antique/Vintage-style ring makes a bold statement, breaking the mold of what you might expect to see in an engagement ring, yet doing so with elegance.

This is the kind of ring that would look right at home on the hand of Queen Victoria. It’s sophisticated and commanding, but never overbearing. Antique/Vintage-inspired pieces can be both opulent and finely detailed. Expect a structured or carved band, including options with diamonds all around.

Victorian-influenced rings may have an emerald, sapphire or ruby accent, which serves to accentuate the diamond on centre stage. Larger-cut diamonds shine in an Antique/Vintage engagement ring. Popular diamond cuts for this style include Emerald, Cushion, Asscher, Round and Radiant. These cuts have extremely visible details that make for a refined and elegant final product.

At Premier Gems, we offer brand new Antique/Vintage rings in addition to Restyling and Redesigning heirloom pieces to suit this style. Sometimes, the ring that has been shared between generations isn’t quite the right style for the person receiving it. That’s where Restyling and Redesigning can make it perfect. A restyled ring can be just as bold and intricate as a brand new piece.

Feel free to browse some of our Antique/Vintage rings for more inspiration.

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