Choosing the perfect engagement ring for the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with can feel intimidating. There are nearly infinite designs and combinations of precious metals and gems to choose from. To simplify the process, it can be helpful to narrow down your partner’s tastes and style into one of three main categories: Classic, Antique/Vintage or Modern.

Those who fall in love with a Modern-style engagement ring want an atypical piece of jewelry to mark their impending nuptials. These rings are desired by trend-setters, people who stand out from the crowd, and anyone who might see traditional engagement ring styles as too mainstream or formal for their tastes.

Modern engagement rings are the most casual of the three styles Premier Gems specializes in. It’s the kind of ring that looks equally appropriate on your wedding day and when you’re out for a hike, lunching with friends, and enjoying life with your partner. Think of the Modern-style ring as a top-quality and distinctive spin on the everyday jewelry your future betrothed already loves to wear.

The band of a Modern ring is typically thicker than a Classic design. Some bands are layered or made of two or more stacked bands.

Diamonds aren’t a given on a Modern engagement ring. Expect vibrant pops of colour, either from a single large coloured stone or several smaller gems.

When a diamond is the feature stone of a Modern engagement ring, tradition is once more swept to the side in favour cutting-edge design. Expect a Marquise, Pear or Oval cut. These elongated diamond cuts have a slimming effect on the ring finger. These unconventional shapes tend to be head-turners and add a little mystery. Don’t be surprised if your partner faces a few curious questions such as, “Is that gorgeous thing on your finger an engagement ring?”

The besotted recipient of a Modern engagement ring has one-of-a-kind style and they love to show it off. Browse our Modern collection for more inspiration, or read up on Antique/Vintage and Classic rings.

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