Let’s face it – everyone wants to win something, but why? Is it really that important?

As individuals, we don’t notice that we innately chase after the prize of winning but don’t put enough focus on the importance of gaining that award. After winning a medal, trophy, or certificate we usually display them somewhere visible, yet most people stare and walk past them… Why?

It seems as if winning is something most people desire, only for self-gratification purposes but we all know that is goes beyond that.

This concept particularly applies to the jewellery business because people tend to be unaware of the importance of its acquired design awards. As a result, this one important aspect is disregarded when you shop, especially in a society with such a saturated market that varies from small boutiques, mall-chains, international conglomerates and Internet sellers. So, how would you know if you are spending your money on something that is of worth?

Unfortunately, not everyone is informed about the importance of custom designs. Jewellery businesses often compete for the finite number of clients by focusing on the prices; therefore, the custom design quality is overlooked.

A unique and intricate custom designed jewellery piece is considered to be of high standard in the industry, especially if the designer has acquired a jewellery design award.

Designers who enter jewellery competitions allow their peers and others who are successful in the industry to judge and critique their work on either national or international levels and evaluate the purpose and meaning of their creations. Everything from appeal, quality of construction, innovative techniques and creativity are judged…all of which are qualities often overlooked in the mass market.

The awards designers have won are definitely not to be overlooked because these were not for themselves, but it is to show that they offer you the best. As you worry about spending your money on something worth it, keep in mind not to walk past these awards because they are much more important than you think.

Whichever form they come, plaque or crystal trophy, winning a jewellery award goes beyond self-gratification. If designers have won awards, it means that they are at the top of creativity, innovation, and setting future trends. The same qualities and beliefs that hold true for people looking for custom jewellery.

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