After being surprised and wowed by a beautiful engagement ring, and having been congratulated by all your friends and family, the reality of wedding planning starts to sink in, especially when it comes to finding the perfect wedding band.

We’ve seen it time and time again; couples on an endless search to find the ideal match to their engagement ring. Ready-made bands exist that come close to being the perfect fit, but it is natural to be very critical when your decision involves an event and dedication of such magnitude, and individuals tend to desire only the perfect, complementary band.

Choosing a path that involves creating a custom wedding band is often the best choice when it comes to finding the band you’ve envisioned to sit closest to your heart and next to your engagement ring. The thought of customization might seem daunting, but with a little bit of looking around it can be an enjoyable, meaningful, and affordable experience.

When you meet with your local jewellery designer, it’s a great plan to have some ideas to share. These may include anything from a variety of difference sources, such as Google images, your Pinterest page, or even traditional magazines. Make sure that you are wearing your engagement ring when you come in for your meeting. As well, if you’d like to incorporate gems, diamonds, and precious metal from inherited pieces into your custom design, bring those along too. Then let the creative juices between yourself and the designer flow as you begin the journey of custom designed wedding bands.