You’ve heard and seen it all from the vast number of people and businesses claiming to offer you the most coin for your unwanted and broken jewellery.  Many of these companies look only at the gold value and will not pay out on coloured gemstones and diamonds. The main reason for this is that these companies do not employ a gemologist who can properly identify and assess the value of your jewellery. Just because you are going to sell to a “jeweller” doesn’t mean that jeweller is capable of properly identifying and assessing your diamonds and gems. Anyone can purchase a gold testing kit and claim they’ll offer the most for your jewels but if any of the pieces contain gems, seller beware!

At Premier Gems, you can be assured that you’ll be meeting discretely with a certified gemologist who will handle your pieces with care and respect. You’ll have confidence knowing that you will be getting a pay out that considers the value of the whole piece whether that is the diamond ring from your ex or grandma’s strand of pearls. Your pieces are assessed in front of you and if you agree to the amount offered, payment is made right away.

Selling your jewellery to Premier Gems is an astute way to get immediate payment for something you really want or need.