Emma found us through a Google search.  While browsing through our past commissions, she came across the Jaguar head pendant. “This was an unusual request and once I saw the Jaguar pendant I knew Premier Gems would be up for my project”.  Emma wanted a custom ring to commemorate a milestone family cruise to Antarctica.  The piece was to be a ring featuring a gorgeous triangular facetedYellow Beryl she purchased onboard, along with elements representing penguins, icebergs, andAntarctica. The colour scheme was to resemble an Emperor Penguin.  The ring features the Yellow Beryl set into high karat yellow gold, while the ring is constructed of blackened palladium with a penguin feather textured.Set into the ring are rough cut Rock Crystal Quartz’s representing icebergs and there is an engraved outline of Antarctica hidden inside the ring.

What Emma valued: 

Premier Gems was willing to work with my own gem, a Yellow Beryl, which was a memento of a family cruise to Antarctica.  Also, having the ability to fully customize the ring with unlimited ideas and suggestions and what materials would be best suited to create the overall ring with the look I desired.The result:Very happy. It is the perfect reminder of a once of a life time experience.

What she would tell others:

Go For It. Custom is the only way to get exactly what you want. Have a clear ideal of what you want but be open to suggestions brought by the designers and they are the experts on what materials and gems are available to create the desired outcome.