Imagine the enchanted moment you walk down the aisle, minutes before you become married. When your eyes meet your significant other’s, you’re excited about being together forever. Throughout the ceremony, you might think of the moments you have shared and the trials you have passed as you get ready to celebrate the start of a life together. Your eyes, your actions, your vows: they all say “forever” in your own, personalized way. But what about your rings?

A pre-made ring provides instant gratification, but doesn’t offer the same deep, sentimental connection as a custom piece, made precisely for you to celebrate your love.

A custom ring is one designed in every aspect with a designer to your specifications and built with the precious metals, gems or stones, and inscriptions that you choose.

Here are three reasons to consider custom-made rings.


A custom ring tells your story in your words

Custom-designed rings are unique. In other words, only you and your partner have them. Just like you’re creating a life together that suits you, you can create a piece of jewelry to mark this commitment while acutely representing your style.

Premier Gems clients Sara and Justin had a specific vision for their wedding bands: a custom Celtic knot. When they came into Premier Gems, owner and designer Jeff Nechka showed them a 3D rendering of their dream wedding bands. They were delighted with the results. “Great, friendly people to work with,” Sara and Justin told us after. “Beautiful work—exactly what we wanted.”

See Sara & Justin’s Celtic wedding bands. 

While some people inherit heirlooms, others want to be able to pass them on from generation to generation. That’s what Julie and Gwynne were after when they began the search for an Antique-style ring with a personal touch. Julie and Gwynne worked with Premier Gems to meet their style and budget to design a ring featuring a pre-1920s diamond and their initials in filigree.

See Julie & Gwynne’s new heirloom ring. 


A custom ring is sentimental from the start

There is something about being given a ring that is specifically made for you. From the love that goes into the design process to the love for the person who slips it on your finger, a custom-made ring is priceless.

When Ryan was ready to propose to Diane, he knew the ring was going to be different from anything he’d seen before. Diane wanted a pearl rather than a diamond. Ryan reached out to Premier Gems designer Liz, who he’d known in high school and whose designs he’d been impressed by from his home in France. When Liz presented a stunning 12mm Australian Pearl, Ryan knew it was the one for Diane’s ring. The rest of the design needed to reflect the couple’s heritage and Diane’s personal style. From different continents, Liz and Ryan worked together, eventually choosing a fleur-de-lis (for Diane’s French background) and an oak leaf (for Ryan’s), integrated into a clean, modern band that would dazzle Diane.

See Diane’s pearl engagement ring.

Alternatively, a family ring is already imbued with sentimental value. These too can be customized. Heirloom pieces can be updated and restyled to better suit their new owner while honouring the past. Learn more about Restyling & Redesigning a ring.


Designing the ring becomes part of your story

When you have a “forever” story to tell, you may want to do more than point at rings through a glass window. When you and your partner design a ring together, you get to share your creativity and learn about one another while making something you’ll cherish for years. The ring becomes not just a symbol of your love, but part of your love story.

What is your story? If you’re interested in a custom-designed ring or have questions about the process, please book an appointment with us. We would gladly help you in your journey to create the ring that will serve as a reminder of the moment you say, “I do.”

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